Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Searching for and Finding Warmer Weather

For the three days we were in Myrtle Beach we spent most of the time cleaning up the rig. We did get down to the beach one afternoon. Although it was a little cool, it was warmer than it was when we left Hatteras. Myrtle Beach is so different from the beaches we are used to with its high rises and wide, flat, hard beaches. On Hatteras there are no high rises.

Myrtle Beach

We then moved on to the Hardeeville RV Park in Hardeeville, SC. It is a nice park located near Beaufort and Hilton Head, SC and Savannah, GA. We visited Savannah the last time we passed through the area so we opted to visit the other two spots. We were not very impressed with Hilton Head as it is very obvious it is a play ground for the very wealthy. We even had a hard time finding a place to eat because they do not allow advertising signs. Oh well, we can say we were there and don't really care if we ever return.
Three years ago we visited Beaufort (Bo-furt), NC a neat little old seafaring town and we now wanted to see Beaufort (Bew-fert), SC another historic southern town. It was a bit warmer here than it had been in Myrtle Beach. This Beaufort is a beautiful town with many old, well preserved antebellum homes among the oak trees. The town's homes were saved because during the Civil War Union troops returned the town to the Union early in the war and it was used as the base for the blockade of Confederate ports. As you can see by the low clearance sign this is not a place you want to drive your RV.
We continue to cross many high bridges on the way south. Left is the bridge over the Cooper River near Charleston and right we are going over the Savannah River. I think these bridges are the highest above sea level we have been on since we left DC several weeks ago. Take a look at the big truck on the right. That is a huge tire sticking out the top. I will think about how much that tire must cost the next time we need to by tires for the rig.
We arrived in St. Augustine on a very warm day which also happened to be the night of the Holiday Lighting Gala. The city was all lit up for the Christmas season. It was wonderful to be walking around wearing shorts while seeing the lights and hearing Christmas music fill the air. The full moon also added something special to the beautiful night.
Surprise! Surprise!! When we turned on the phone Sunday morning there was a message for Richard, Valerie and Zephyr that they had just left Jacksonville on their way to their daughter's in St. Petersburg and wanting to know where we were and if it would be OK to stop for a visit. They were only a half an hour away at the time and we were just off I-95 so we had a great visit. They did bring the news that they have purchased a townhouse in Charlottesville, VA that they will be using as a base for future travels. We were hoping they would buy a place in the country with a long flat driveway and a 50 amp hookup. Oh well, we are still happy for them and we plan to visit in the future. While we were visiting with them a car drove by and I recognized Otis & Mary Moore whom we had met at Betty's last spring. What a small world.

We are now in Apopka, FL where the highs have been in the 80's and the lows in the 60's. So we are back to the nice warm weather we have been searching for. We are just two miles from where Nanc's sister and her husband Bill winter so we are looking forward to a traditional family Thanksgiving. Nanc thinks I say it to much but seeing family and friends, both old and new, is one of the great thing about our traveling lifestyle.

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