Friday, September 24, 2010

Along the Road

Here are a couple of things we saw along the road while traveling to and from the Escapade in Goshen. We stopped at Longaberger Baskets near Dresden, Ohio so Nanc could purchase some basket accessories. I call this place "basket hell" because if you want to go to hell in a hand basket you can find that basket right here. We were last here ten years ago and, like many other places around the country, you can tell the poor economy is having a negative effect on business. Even on a Saturday morning there were only about five buses in a parking lot built to hold forty. That was good as it left plenty of room to park the rig.
Even the Longaberger headquarters building in Newark, Ohio is a basket.
Nanc among the fall decor in a basket that is big enough to go to hell in:)
This is a jig that is used to make a basket. They have a program where you can make your own Basket. Nanc did that on our last visit.
A LARGE apple basket at the Longaberger Homestead. The world's largest basket is in downtown Dresden, but I was all shopped out at that point and stayed in the rig while Nanc perused the shops.
This is a 1982 Checker we saw fueling up at the Flying J. 1982 was the last year they were manufactured. The owner told us the company let everyone who owned a Checker know they were going out of business and if they wanted one, it would be their last chance to order a new one. While most Checkers were used as taxis, this one was privately own and was never a cab. I was surprised to hear it ran on propane.

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