Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gone Fishin

One of the things we really miss being on the road is going to Mike's & Sherri's cabin at Pymatuning Lake. We have been going there for years on summer weekends and spring fishing trips with the guys. When we left in the spring they invited us to visit for a few days after the wedding and we jumped at the offer. They had plenty of space to park the rig. We did a little exploring of the area and got to fish on their pontoon boat. We had a great time telling stories and laughing with our dear friends and we even caught a few fish.
One of their new toys is a golf cart that Nanc got to practice on for those future years when we settle down in an RV village somewhere.
While we caught many fish, this walleye was the only one that went on the stringer. We hooked a bunch of catfish, a few perch, a crappie and some smaller walleye.
Here is Captain Catfish (Mike) who kept his reputation in tact by reeling in many, many cats. He also managed to snag a couple other species.
In nearby Linesville is a must see for anyone traveling through the area. At the Spillway between the hatchery waters and the lake there are thousands of carp, ducks and geese all vying for the bread thrown to them by the tourists. It is billed as a place where the ducks walk on the fish and has been an attraction that I remember visiting years ago when we visited my grandmother who lived in nearby Andover, Ohio.
I don't believe there is another place where you can see such a concentration of fish.
Just of I-79 at Meadville is a neat little attraction. PennDot (PA Department of Transportation) has allowed local students from Allegheny College to recycle highway signs to create a sculpture garden. There is a long mural along the fence and a garden of huge flowers on the corner of the lot. It is a worthwhile stop if you are traveling I-79 in Northwest PA. You just never know what new and exciting things you might see even in places you have been going to for years.

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