Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gaspésie et Amis

We moved on to St. Omer, Quebec where we were able to park our motorhome by the home of Jean Paul and Celine Dugas whom we met at Betty's in the spring. They have a beautiful place between the waters of Baie des Chaleurs and the mountains of the Gaspe Peninsula. After two months of travel with short stops it was great to have a week to relax and spend time with friends. Jean Paul and Celine are very familiar with the fulltime lifestyle as they lived on a boat sailing the East coast of North America for seven years in the 90's. We loved hearing the stories of their adventure. They were wonderful hosts and guides as we explored the area.
The mountains of Gaspe and Bais des Chaleurs. John Paul's and Celine's home is near the church. They have a beautiful sun room that looks out over the bay.
St. Omer from the top of Mount Saint Joseph.
Johane Landry, between Celine and Nanc, is a local artist who has had her work exhibited in the Louvre. We visited her studio and an exhibit she has in the church on Mount Saint Joseph. Her oil paintings are excellent and reminded us of paintings by Van Gough.
The four of us enjoy a beer sampler at Le Naufrageur, a local brew pub.
We have wanted to go to Gaspe for years and Perce' Rock has always been the symbol of that area to us. It is an impressive monolith jetting out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Four tourist taking in the sights. Aren't the shirts appropriate as it is Betty's that brought us together.
Roucher Perce' et de l'lle Bonaventure in the background. The island, once the site of a fishing village, is now a National Park.
This claw found on the beach will give you an idea of how big the lobster grow around here.

We had heard the local lobster was great and we had to give it a try. Nanc was really impressed as we selected the size we wanted in the store. With Celine's help Nanc prepares to drop one in the pot. The master chef, Jean Paul, pulls out the perfectly done lobster and we enjoyed a great meal.

We had a wonderful week in Quebec where we got a real taste of the local culture with Jean Paul, Celine, their friends and family. Once again meeting up with friends on the road is one of the great things about this lifestyle. We are already looking forward to seeing them again somewhere down the road.

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Céline said...

Hi both of you,
Thanks for your visit at home,we had a great time together.Its always a pleasure to share the beauty of Gaspésie.We will keep your visit on our memories for a long time.We are reading your blog all the time.

See you ????? Somewhere ????

Céline & Jean-Paul XXXXX