Friday, June 4, 2010

Until the Next Time

Nanc had one final appointment with the knee surgeon and was released so we are now done with all our medical visits for this stay. With our friends Jack and Mary Lou returning from Florida and Memorial Day looming, we decided to stay in WashPA until the end of May. The extra week was all about saying good-bye to friends and having the chance to relax a bit after a month of running to the doctors and dentist.
We got to see Tim's cool 57 Chevy Belair. It is a real beauty.
We went to Pymatuning for a couple of days of fishing with Mike and Sherri. We had a great time fishing and sitting around the campfire sharing stories about all the things we have done together over many years of being friends.
On Friday, Mike and Sherri's daughter Carrie and son-in-law John along with their two children Ashley and Alex came to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. We only got to spend a few minutes with them as we had to be back in WashPA early that evening. The kids have really grown since we last saw them in 2006.
I did catch a couple of fish including this nice crappie, but there was a no eat warning because of a huge fish kill. We saw hundreds of dead fish floating. When are we humans going to stop polluting our planet that we share with all species?
We went to Pittsburgh for one more lunch with the retired teachers. This pic is taken from a unique men's room in Jerome Bettis' Restaurant. There was a story going around when PNC Park opened that you would be able to "pee & see" the game. Here you can pee & see what is happening at the bar through the two way mirror. That is Tom & Georgie waiting for a table on the outside while John takes care of business on the inside. Very Strange!!
The happy smiling retirees.
We had dinner with more friends. Top is Darlene & Jimmy Brown and Ed & Donna Sukel.
Bottom is Jim & Nanc in Pittsburgh and BJ, Emily and Lisa Mihelcic.
We had a great evening together with Jack & Mary Lou Underwood (bottom) at the home of Jan & Joe Murdoch. We had not seen them for quite a while and it was great catching up.
We had a wonderful time during our five week stay in WashPA. We love meeting new people and have made many friends on the road, but these people whom we have known for years are really very special. That said, our home does have wheels and it is time to get them rolling.

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