Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gros Morne Part III

On our last day at Gros Morne we drove to Woody Point which is only five miles away as the seagull flies but a fifty-five mile road trip around Bonne Bay in the car. This is another beautiful little fishing village and the location of the park's Discovery Center. The center has interactive exhibits on the various aspects of the park's natural and cultural history. Also on the south side are the tablelands, an orange-brown rock that is exposed Earth mantle material that has been thrust to the surface. This is some the oldest exposed rock in the world.
The flat tablelands and Bonne Bay.
From the Discovery Center Lookout Trail is a 5 km walk that climbs over 1000 feet. The trail starts in the woods then has a boardwalk where it crosses the wet peat bog. It was warm enough for Nanc to be in short sleeves, but as I said it does get windy and at the top it was really blowing. Along the boardwalk is one place we saw a moose.
A panoramic view of Bonne Bay and the Tablelands from the top of the Lookout Trail.
There is very little vegetation on the rocky tablelands. It is not the height but the type of rock that prevents things from growing.
Woody Point Harbour. Of course, no story about this area is complete without a picture of the fishing boats. We had a great time exploring Gros Morne and recommend it to anyone who makes it down to "The Rock", Newfoundland.
On our last evening we went to the pub at the Ocean View Hotel to hear Anchors Aweigh, a group of five natives who do a very entertaining show. If you are in the area don't miss the chance to see them. If you go on the Bonne Bay boat tour you will get to hear three of them play as that is their day job.

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