Monday, June 28, 2010

Gros Morne -- Part 2

We have been blessed with four days of sunny skies, so exploring the park has been very enjoyable even with temps a little cooler than our summer standard. Highs have been from the mid 50's to mid 60's and most days are windy. With all the water in the park a boat trip is a must do. Near Rocky Harbour there are two options, one on Bonne Bay where you should see dolphins, whales and eagles or one on Western Brook Pond into the ancient ice carved fjord. Dave and Carol went on the Bonne Bay tour and loved it, we chose the other one and were very pleased. The pond was once a fjord but is now cut off from the sea and is a fresh water lake. The towering walls reminded us of a cross between a walk through Yosemite Valley and the trip we took on the Colorado River. There are several cascading waterfalls coming off the high cliffs.
The Westbrook III is one of two boats in the pond. There is no road to the water so one boat was put on a sled and pulled across the frozen bog in the winter. The other was flown in in pieces by helicopter. There are not a lot of fish because of the low oxygen levels, but a naturally sustaining Atlantic salmon population has begun to thrive.
Since there are no roads to the pond we had to walk a 3 km trail across a bog and through the forest. Nanc is applying her favorite Newfoundland fragrance, Eau du Off.
After a short trip across open water, the boat enters the canyon with the rocks towering on both sides. Slides are not uncommon as the land continues to be changed by ice and water erosion.
The steep slopping bank is the result of the erosion. Pissing Mare Falls is one of the most impressive. I think the name has something to do with going on a flat rock???
At the end of the lake is a dock where back country hikers are dropped to begin their treks. The dark blue water, green trees, gray rocks and blue skies make for a beautiful scene.
As we came out of the canyon it did seem like we were at the edge of the world. The trip on Western Brook Pond is a great way to see some of the grand natural beauty of Gros Morne.
In addition to moose, we have seen many other animals in the park. The fox had three young ones that were playing on the side of the road. Usually, stopping in the middle of the road to look at something is not a big deal in Newfoundland as there is very little traffic.
The wildflowers are fantastic. Because of the cool climate most of the flowers are small and close to the ground. The one we see the most is one of my favorites that I grew in the yard when we had a stix and brix, the dandelion. They are, literally, everywhere.

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