Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back in WashPA

Our return to WashPA has been a whirlwind of doctors, friends, food and music. We have had so many get-togethers we have actually had to write things down to keep track of all the events and appointments. We have had dinner at several of our favorite places and at each one we have encountered old friends and acquaintances who make us feel like we have been away for 18 days not 18 months. You really can go home again when your home is on wheels. The weather has been good and it is great to be back where it is so green after spending so many months in the dry dusty west.
We got together at Palozzo's with the retirees who go out to lunch every week. All the smiling faces show they are loving their retirements.
(top) Sandy & Sandy, Georgie, Tom & John
(bottom) Dave & Pete, Lena & Linda.
On Saturday we went to Bee'z for dinner with Bill & Kim, John & Patrice, David, Dave & Jackie.
Then we all attended an Oldies Night featuring Remember When, a group that includes members of the Vogues and The Four Townsmen, a group that Pete sings with. The Townsmen are from Canonsburg the hometown of Perry Como and Bobby Vinton.
A couple of Wednesday evenings we went to Al & Reuben's to listen to jazz. The sax player, Josh Dunlevy and the guitarist, Dan Baker, are former students. They are very, very talented and play great music.
At our old favorite restaurants it was great to see our favorite bartenders still hard at work. (top) Renee at Sam's and Jen & Toni at Burgh's
(bottom) Jimmy Brown & Billy at the Union Grill.
These are great places with great food and great people that we would recommend to all.
These are the four different medical and dental offices we have been to during our first two weeks. Most of the news was good, BUT Nanc did find out that she will need to get the knee that has been bothering her scoped next week. It should be a simple out patient procedure with a very short recovery time so we are still expecting to be hitting the road in a couple weeks as we originally planned.

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Art In The Sun said...

Good luck with your knee Nancy. My doctor has asked us to stick around until June so that I can have another blood test for my thyroid. We are hoping to take off for 4 corners after that. Sharon and Allan