Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Road Again

Billy Thibodeaux's RV repair facility.
Looking at the problem under the rig. It was a little strange seeing our home hoisted into the air high enough that I could walk under it.
The Mighty Mississippi.
After crossing so many dry washes in the Southwest that they call rivers it was great to see a real river.

The shiny clean Dutch Star. I hope we can get back to PA without driving in the rain.

The day we left Betty's we went to Billy Thibodeaux's Premiere RV in Scott for service and to have them look at a couple of problems. We noticed an air tank leak when we did our Walmart overnighter and the fuel gauge and dash lights were acting strangely. They were very professional in their work and quickly found the causes and corrected the problems. Billy's is a repair facility that does not sell RVs so they are all about service. Finding good repair places on the road can sometimes be a challenge but from our experience here this is a good stop. They even followed up the next day with a phone call about one of the issues.

After the service was done we drove east of Baton Rouge and stayed at a Walmart. This is the first time we have been East of the Mississippi since November 2008. We then moved on to the Rainbow Plantation SKP park in Summerdale, AL for four days where we cleaned the rig. Nanc finished the ongoing interior spring cleaning and I washed and waxed everything on the exterior from the roof down. It had been a while since I had cleaned the roof and it needed a good scrubbing. Needless to say, I was very sore after two days of manual labor so we just took it easy on Sunday and cooked some more of that gulf shrimp on the grill. A real advantage of staying in the SKP parks is they allow you to do work that a lot of other parks don't allow.

We have now turned north and after another night at a Walmart in Alabama we are spending two days at Singing Hills Campground near Mammoth Cave National Park. We plan on being in WashPA by Friday for a month long stay of catching up with friends, family and doctors. We have a lot of celebrating to do while there, as Rick & Denise and Tom & Georgie are both having their 25th wedding anniversary in the next couple weeks.

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