Sunday, April 4, 2010

Louisiana Lagniappe

I would like to start by saying there was a hidden message in the April 1 post. Look carefully at the first letter of each word in the last sentence:) We do love this place but our home has wheels and they will soon be rolling again.

Here are just a few extra things we have been doing while at Betty's.

We took advantage of being close to the gulf waters and purchased fresh shrimp from the boat, Lil Man, and Captain Rene' Gregoire. How much fresher can you get than when you have to wait for the boat to dock. One family had driven four hours for these jumbos. The group from Betty's bought fifty pounds and then had a cleaning party back in Abbeville. Nanc cooked a great dish with the shrimp that had been swimming 48 hours earlier. In our excitement to try it we failed to take a pic. Trust me it was great and we are looking forward to more great meals.

Captain Rene' unloads his fresh catch.
Upon seeing the full moon rise over the RV park I told Betty Jane Bernard about my mother, Betty Jane Tidball's, belief that if you shook your empty purse at the full moon and said "Fill er up" three times you would have good luck. Betty got the biggest purse she could find and was rewarded the following evening at the Cypress Bayou Casino with a very nice win. I only showed my small wallet but it was good enough for a $160 jackpot on the nickle slots. Make sure you remember this next month.
Another Saturday and another Touchet's jam session. Top - Some of the crowd from Betty's and Donna Touchet who told us she and Calvin are planning to go full timing in a couple years. Richard and Valerie, their daughter Margeaux and son-in-law Jeauxl drove down from Baton Rouge for music, food and friends. Make sure you check out Touchet's Bar on Facebook.

A new group of visitors to Betty's decided they wanted to go to Cajun Claws for crawfish so we volunteered to go put our names on the list for the 5:00 seating. Top left are the people waiting for the door to open at 4:00 to put their names on the list. Bottom left are Marvin, Doug & Eunice, Cookie and Gary & Devota. Top right are Oliver & Mary and Rodney & Terrie. Everyone but Marvin is a first time visitor to Betty's and Cajun Claws. Bottom right is a Cajun appetizer - a Bloody Mary that included all the fruit and vegetables they had behind the bar. We were forced to have one since we were there so early to put in our names for the group.

More crawdad eaters. Left is Emile & Raymonde, whom we met at the Rose Parade HOP, and their friends, Noella & Marcel. They had planned a four day stay but as so often happens here they have decided to extend for a few more days. Right is the Frayer family. Jeauxl is a native Cajun and said the mudbugs were great. We had another great day visiting with our friends and soaking up more of the local culture.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

you really had me going there on your April 1 posting. I couldn't believe you would be getting off the road. Also very clever idea for the last sentence.