Monday, April 12, 2010

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

The group from Betty's waiting outside Cafe Des Amis.
Jim, Nanc, Mado, Lionel, Florence, Rick, Judy & George

The line stretching down tho block.
Nanc getting ready to bite into one of the delicious beignets. MMMMMMMMMM!!!!
Nanc trying to get into the band with the washboard. She never wanted to use one of those before.

Eating, drinking and dancing the morning away.

Saying good-bye to our friend Ollie at the Museum Cafe. Ollie told Nanc that her philosophy is; There are no old women, there are just old clothes. What a lady. We are already looking forward to seeing her on our next visit.

Nova Scotians, Sylvia and Omer, entertain us at happy hour to end a perfect long day of music

Up at 5:00 AM, even setting the alarm, WOW there are not many times that has happened since we went on the road but we wanted to go to breakfast at Cafe Des Amis in Pont Breaux for the Zydeco breakfast. This is not the IHOP and you can't get a Grand Slam or McMuffin but you can have a great Louisiana breakfast while listening and dancing to great Zydeco music. Our group of eight from Betty's arrived at the door at 6:50 and were the first in line waiting for the doors to open at 7:30 "on the dot". As a line quickly formed down the sidewalk, we were glad we were up front because those at the end of the line when the doors opened did not get a table. We learned the last time we were here to order and eat slowly so you can stay at the table as long as possible. We started with coffee and beignets, a tastey fried dough they said is lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar, but it was more like a blizzard than a sprinkle. Shortly after eight Joe Hall & the Louisiana Canecutter got the place rockin with lively, loud music. We then ordered omelettes with decidedly Acadaian flavor that offered a choice of tasso, boudin or crawfish etouffee. After eating to get a little food on our stomachs we then had a Bloody Mary so I could loosen up a bit for the dance floor. The floor was crowded shoulder to shoulder with the happy crowd dancing wildly even though it was not yet 10 AM. This place is a must stop any time you are in the area on a Saturday morning.

After our early morning wake up we decided that we needed a nap before heading to Museum Cafe in Erath for the jam session. We did not want to miss this since this would be our last Saturday in Abbeville. The music there was great and we said good-bye to our friend Ollie. We then went back to Betty's for happy hour and where new guests, Omer and Sylvia, entertained us with his wonderful guitar playing and their beautiful voices. Even with the nap, when our heads hit the pillow we were fast asleep after a full day of good food, good music, good times and good friends.


MarkandRenita said...

We expect Nanc to be buying a washboard and you an accordian!

Bob and Molly said...

We sure missed both of you in Boerne!
Looks like you have had a great time at Betty's and we thank you for creating such a wonderful travel itinerary for us to follow!!! A nice blog and perfect plan for us, as we arrive at Betty's tomorrow!!! We're at Isle of Capri in Lake Charles today!! Miss you both and HUGS, too!! M&B