Saturday, April 17, 2010

Farewell to Betty

We ended our stay at Betty's with more of the usual good times. Several of us went to see the Abbeville Players production of Social Security, a comical play that was very age appropriate. We had a couple more great meals, one a return to Suire's and the other, one last taste of crawfish. The happy hours were really special with our last having a Mexican theme. Everyone prepared their favorite Mexican appetizer and there was even a "little" booze involved. A grand time was had by all. If you see George be sure to ask him how many pieces of pie he had.

We made margaritas, there were also tequila shots, Mexican liqueur, and Betty had a quart of good moonshine that proved to be very popular.
We had entertainment that you can tell by the smiling faces everyone enjoyed.

The Mexican Connection.

At another happy hour Betty showed us a pair of panties she wore before becoming the biggest loser:):)

Saying good-bye to Betty was not easy. This is the third time we have been here and we have made plans to return next year for Mardi Gras. When we stared fulltiming we had plans to visit many sights around the country but those plans included only one RV park that we knew we had to visit and that was Betty's. We really love everything about this place including the food, music and the people but the real reason we keep coming back is because of Betty. She is just an awesome lady. Those we meet on the road often ask what our favorite place has been and after three stays here we have to say it is Betty's RV Park.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Hope you brought seafood poppers as your part of the Mexican appetizer, so others can enjoy your great recipe. We'll see you next year at Betty's for Madri Gras.