Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Music, More Friends

The first time we were in Abbeville we went to Touchet's where we met Ollie and her friend Zula. The last time we were here we were saddened to learn Zula had passed away but very happy to see Ollie remembered us. This Saturday when we went to Le Cafe' de Musee for the Cajun jam session we were pleased to see Ollie sitting at the bar when we walked through the door. We spent the afternoon together and when anyone would walk by Ollie would introduce us as her friends from Pennsylvania. We had a grand time listening to the music and sharing the day with our friend from Louisiana.

Enjoying a good time, with good music and our good friend.
Many of the same musicians who played at Touchet's last week were also here, but there were several more sitting in today because there were not as many festivals in the area.

As at Touchet's, they also feed everyone here. Today was a special meal with meat cooked in the huge rotisserie accompanied by rice, sweet potatoes and beans. What a place!!!

I did get a picture of the group with Bill & Geisle, but I must apologies as I did not get all the names. I do know they are all Escapee Boomers. Chris (L) had been to Newfoundland and we picked her brain about places to go and things to see.

There was a big Canadian invasion at Betty's this week.

(L) Nanc & Marvin, (C)Bill & Cathy, fulltimers from Ontario, (R) Ray & Maryann, also from Ontario.

In the foreground are Dave & Diane who live near Sidney Crosby in Nova Scotia. Next are Art & Betty two more Nova Scotians and then Ken & Eleanor. In the background are Carol, Jean Paul & Celine, MaryBeth & Tony whom we introduced in an earlier blog. We were all out to dinner at Cajun Claws for more of those famous mudbugs. Being at Betty's is more then just a Cajun experience it is also an international event.

You may recognize Valerie & Richard Frayer whom we have meet up with several times on the road included this past holiday season at the Rose Parade HOP. They are spending a couple months in Baton Rouge, where they lived for 25 years, and came down to Abbeville for a visit. We had a great afternoon catching up and are planning another get together before we head north next month. As we have said so many, many times before this lifestyle is more than just about the great places we get to visit, it is really about the great friends we get to see along the way.

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