Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We discovered a week ago that Betty's birthday was March 31 so several of us who are here for an extended stay planned a surprise party. To make it a real surprise and not interfere with her birthday trip to the casino, we held the party a day early. Everyone brought food and a grand time was had by all.

She truly was surprised as you can see by the pic on the left where she was bringing an appetizer to her own party thinking it was a regular happy hour. Right is the birthday girl and some of the food.
The cake was a replica of the "Caught in Betty's Web" sign decorated with flags showing all our names.

Getting ready to chow down!!!

Does this lady know how to celebrate or what!!!

Left are Otis & Mary who stayed an extra day so they could come to the party.

Center are Sue a & John who pulled in a couple of hours before the festivities.

Right are Wayne & Marlene who are just here for a couple of days.

Wayne is a guitar player and singer who provided the entertainment along with Jean Paul, Celine and Betty who accompanied him on a couple of tunes. It was great getting to share and celebrate the birthday of our very special hostess.

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