Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food and Friends at Betty's

People ask what we do for a month in Acadiana and, if the first week is any indication, we will not be getting to do much of the work we had planned on doing during our stay. Of course, every day at 4:30 is happy (for more than an) hour where we get together with new and old friends to share stories of the day and plan future events under Betty's direction. This place seems to be a magnet for Escapees, as about half the rigs are sporting the logo. These are a few of the folks we met this week. Celine & Jean Paul Dugas from Gaspe', Quebec are return visitors who discovered they may be related to Marvin Broussard, a native, whom we met on our last visit. Marvin's family was among those Cajuns expelled from Nova Scotia.
On the left are Charley & Sherry Dilworth who have only been on the road for nine weeks and wanted to make Betty's one of their first stops. Betty (center) has hosted many famous people and above are Brenda Lee & Rick who have been coming here for six years.

All these people are first time visitors. Tony & MaryBeth Linn (top left) are fulltimers who extended their stay after realizing they needed to spend more time here to enjoy the culture and people. Carol Clyde (center top left) is a solo who is a friend of Bobbie and Jim Chapman, our 07 mates whom we saw in Quartzite. Don & Stella Pippin are Canadian snowbirds who realized they wanted more time here and, like many others, have vowed to return.

Left are two other famous visitors, Ken & Barbie Sallee, who have a blog on Hitchitch that I have followed from time to time. Right are Eric & Karla Trippe who once contacted us about adding a map to their blog, but whom we had never met. Others we have met but are not pictured are Dave & Veronica, who only stayed one night and who also have a travel web site. Bill & Geisle, whom we met here two years ago, are here with friends in five different rigs and we have not yet had a chance to talk with them much. All of this has happened in only seven days so we are sure the list will get much longer by the time we have to depart.

Another joy of Acadiana is the food and we have only eaten in one night this week. The seafood and Cajun dishes are to die for and the number of great eating places in this little town is phenomenal.

One day for lunch while taking a walking tour of Abbeville (another post) we ate at CC's Comeaux's Cafe. Another really unique lunch stop is Suire's, a little Cajun grocery store that serves lunch to a standing room only crowd everyday. The Riverfront Louisiana Grill is a very nice restaurant with a great variety of Cajun meals.

For mudbugs Cajun Claws is a must. They are the best and as you can see this is a place we both love and where visitors from Betty's are regulars. There were sixteen the night we went and another group of twelve went another day. This place is not to be missed.Victor's Cafeteria in nearby New Iberia is famous for one of its frequent guests, author James Burke, who winters here and summers in Montana. We have read and enjoyed several of his books. The sign on the wall, Dave Robicheaux EATS HERE, refers to a character in Burke's novels.

We have gotten in our walks most days so we should not put on too much weight while we are here. Other stories to follow are about the music, the wood guy, Mr. Charlie and the tour of Abbeville. If we would stop right now and just write about these thing we would be plenty busy, but there are many more things on the agenda.

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MarkandRenita said...

Burke is one of my favorite authors. I haven't read of any beignets yet? DOn't they make them there?