Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EAUX the Music

One of our greatest joys on past visits to Acadiana has been the music and this visit has not disappointed. During our first week we heard four different groups ranging from local bands to an international recording artist. As part of the Carousel of Arts 2010 Arts in the Park we heard local bands, Leon Chavis & Zydeco Flames and Blayne Mayard & Just Passin Through. We attended a Zachary Richard & Friends concert and the French jam session at Touchet's, one of our favorite bars in the area. On Saturday morning the local NPR station has a show of Cajun music in both French and English. Cajun culture is alive and well in Southern Louisiana.

The Friday evening concert by Zachary Richard & Friends was at Magdalen Place. The concert was sponsored by the Acadiana Center for the Arts's Louisiana Crossroads program. Zachary is a Louisiana native who records in both French and English. Jean Paul and Celine are very familiar with his music and have not only purchased several of his cd's, but have enjoyed many of his concerts in Quebec. Most of his music was with the guitar, but he also played the Cajun accordion, piano and harmonica. The accordion music brought the crowd to its feet. The top video below is a short taste of his music.

Touchet's is one of two local bars that have French jam sessions every other Saturday afternoon. We have been here before and the owner recognized and welcomed us back. The people in Acadiana are the friendliest we have met while on the road.

The musicians at Touchet's are just local people who are working hard to keep their Cajun heritage alive. We love this music even though much of the time we cannot understand the words, as they are in French. The young man playing the accordion is just learning the music and is a great example of their efforts to pass on the culture. The bottom video below is a short example of this music.

As if to reinforce the friendliness of the people, after the jam sessions they feed everyone in the place from a big pot containing some tasty Cajun dish.

Blayne Mayard & Just Passin Through

Loen Chavis & Zydeco Flames


MarkandRenita said...

I like Zach Richard and Zydeco!

Art In The Sun said...

We had a zydeco band at our daughters wedding reception and everybody danced the night away.