Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bright New Smile

On our last week in Yuma we got together a couple more times with Dick and Joan and checked out more things in the Yuma area. We used a bike trail that started near the RV park and ran through the West Wetlands Park and then along one of the many irrigation canals that runs through the city.
This is a monument to the Mormon Battalion which crossed the Colorado River here as they traveled from Council Bluffs to San Diego in 1846 - 47. The battalion traveled through land won by the US in the Mexican War of 1846. The trail was then used by 60,000 forty-niners heading to the California gold fields.
The West Wetlands Park did the job of holding water during the rain. The park has a great trail system, a fish filled lake, ball fields and a large playground. This is a solar array in the park that puts electricity into the grid.
We wanted to go to Mexico to get our teeth cleaned so Dick and Joan took us to a dentist they have used. The town of Los Algodones has many dentists, optometrists, pharmacies, and stores selling many other things, lining the streets in a small ten block area. We met a couple from Oregon in the dentist's office who had flown to Yuma for a week just to have dental work done. We were very happy with the job done by Dr. Rodriguez as you can see by our bright shining smiles.
The streets of Los Algodones were busy with American and Canadian snowbirds. We found it to be cleaner, less crowded, but a bit more expensive than Progresso, where we visited Mexico last winter. Like most of the people, we parked on the US side and walked across the border so we had to stand in line for about a half hour to get through customs on the return.
As you can see, going to Mexico can be an hair raising experience.
We really enjoyed our time in Yuma, especially the time we got to spend with Dick and Joan. It was like we had not seen each other for thirty days not thirty years. It was great talking about old times. We look forward to visiting with them again when we return to the Yuma area.

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MarkandRenita said...

Had to laugh at your cleaner than Progresso comment, it wouldn't
take much to be cleaner than there.