Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Final Touch

We came to SoCal earlier then planned to have the RV repaired at Final Touch Coach Works in Valencia. We called them in early November to schedule the repair. We chose Final Touch on the recommendations of several reviews we read in magazines and on forums. As a bonus, it is conveniently located just two miles from the park we will be staying in for the Rose Parade. On the day we drove from San Juan Bautista we called when we were an hour away and they had us come in to do the estimate before going to the park thus saving us one trip. After the insurance approved the work we took the rig in on Monday to start the repair.
Joel, Jonathan, and Dave were very professional in their dealings with us and the insurance company. They did a great job of making the entire process go as smoothly as possible.
This is the damage and the marks show the area where the fiberglass would be repaired.
A real plus for us was that they removed the damaged part so we did not have to drive the rig to the shop every day. The top pics show the fiberglass work they started doing immediately. The bottom pic is the rig back at the park minus the damaged piece.
On Friday we returned the rig to the shop to have the repaired part reinstalled and have the molding that was attached to the rig painted. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate as it was pouring rain so the caulking was not completely set when we picked up the rig. This required one more trip to the shop but Final Touch scheduled it for the day we were moving to our Rose Parade site at the park so we were again saved an extra move.
This is the "Final Touch" with everything put back together and the painting all done. We were very happy with the work and the way the paint was matched. The whole crew at Final Touch did their best to make the whole thing go as smoothly as possible. An added bonus was Tommie's Castiac Cafe a great little restaurant owed by Joel and his wife where we had breakfast and hung out on the days the rig was in the shop. When I backed into that tree it sure was a bad day but the people at Final Touch did their best to turn a bad day into a great day with a job well done. To Joel, Jonathan, Dave and the crew, we thank you. If you are in this area and need work done you can't go wrong by choosing Final Touch.

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MarkandRenita said...

Darn trees! Your house looks great, now you can concentrate on the parade.