Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Travel Review / 2010 Outlook

December 31 marks 891 days since we became fulltimers and we still find this lifestyle to be grand beyond all expectations. This year we slowed down and have stayed in “only” 45 places in six western states and one Canadian Province; Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. We did a day trip to Mexico so we have now traveled in four countries (USA, Jamaica, Canada & Mexico) since going fulltime. This year we traveled from the southern tip of Texas to the most northwestern point of the lower 48 in Washington. At three parks we stayed for at least a month and in most others we spent at least a week. This slower pace gave us more time to explore each area more thoroughly. We only put about 6,400 miles on the motorhome and 11,700 on the CRV. National Parks continue to be the most fantastic when looking for natural beauty and we visited over a dozen this year. We also enjoyed the glitz of Vegas, the brewpubs in Portland, the wineries of the Sonoma Valley, the glamour of LA and the beauty of the City by the Bay. Getting to spend time with friends and family is a special joy of traveling. We had visits from our friends Tom & Georgie and Mike & Sherri and my brother Rick and his wife Denise. We also spent two weeks with Nanc's brother Dave and his family and visited with Erin Jones in San Francisco and Linda Rocks in Mesa. We have crossed paths several times with new RVing mates we have met since going on the road. Right now we are at the Escapees Rose Parade HOP (Head Out Program) with Richard and Valerie Frayer and other SKP friends. The only down side this year are the repairs we have had to make on the rig. But that said, it is really no different from the repairs and maintenance we had to do on the house when we lived in the stix and brix.

Our plans for 010 are to stay in the SoCal and Arizona area through the winter. We want to go to Quartzite which is a huge “must do” RVing event held in the desert in January. We want to visit friends in Yuma and plan to spend February in the Valley of the Sun near Phoenix. As soon as it is warm enough we will be heading east via a route to be determined for a short spring stay in PA. We intend to explore New England and Maritime Canada during the summer. The Escapade in Goshen, IN in September is on the agenda followed by another short stay in PA. We would like to visit DC (always a favorite of ours) and return to the Outer Banks for the fall as we work our way to Florida for the winter of 010 / 11. All that said, because rhome is on wheels we may rhome to other places. We wish all a great new year and may you continue to have good health, safe travels and prosper in 010.

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