Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is a Turbocharger??

The motorhome up on jacks being worked on.
We found a fuel leak under the generator when we left Diamond Lake so we made an appointment at Cummins West in Redding, California to have it checked. We also had them look at a couple of pipes on the engine where I had recently noticed a bit of oil. Well the generator was an easy fix with just a tightening of the line, BUT, the oil was something else. It turned out to be a bad seal in the turbocharger which was a MAJOR two day repair.
The oil in the air hose to the turbo.
This had not been happening very long because we were only down a quart of oil out of the seven gallons in the engine. The staff of Cummins West in Redding was outstanding not only with the work they did but with making sure we had everything we needed including a key to the gate so we could come and go at night.

Stew starting to take things apart to get to the turbo.
The good news was the final bill was $1300 less than the estimate because Stew did the work in less time than planned. The bad news was the amount of the bill was more than we paid for our first car. We had water and electric hookups at Cummins and were able to spend the nights in the rig saving us the cost of a motel room. These kinds of things go into the category of many famous sayings.
Into every life a little rain must fall.
Sh_t Happens
Life is what happens when you are making other plans.
Just to keep things in prospective when we pulled into a campground after having the job done we met the sister of the owner of the rig parked next to us. She told us her brother was from Southern California and had stopped here on his way to Oregon. Yesterday morning he was rushed to a hospital for brain surgery. That makes paying for a new turbo sound like not that big a deal. Also, I was looking to get Nanc something special for our 40th anniversary next month and now that I know what it is, I cannot think of anything more special than a new turbocharger. (Such a romantic!!!)

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MarkandRenita said...

How romantic. I am buying Renita a new front landing gear box.