Monday, September 14, 2009

One Nation, Under Insured

We participated in a protest for health care reform in Portland. Who do you think inspired this sign?
This is a sign of the times. Since retiring, we have paid for our health care which we planned for. We are now having to absorb the outrageous increases each year. WE NEED TO REDUCE COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Over 100 people joined the march after finding out about it on line. This was a real grassroots protest not an astroturf affair. There were people from all walks of life from older medicare recipients, to healthy young adults, to a woman with a child in a wheelchair.The organizer being interviewed by local TV.
Some of the signs.
This is what will happen to US if we don't join the rest of the free world economies and make affordable health care available to ALL.

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MarkandRenita said...

I hope all who read this blog never become uninsurable as Renita and I are. I also hope they never have to fight the insurance companies to pay legitimate bills. It took over a year for Blue Cross to pay for some of my heart surgery and bill collectors were at our door. We need health care and a public option! Thanks for your blog and public demonstration!