Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun Time in Las Vegas

Going over Hoover Dam.
Mike and Sheri arrive protecting themselves from the swine flu as their limo driver waits to pick them up.
New York and Egypt
You never know who you will see in Vegas.
A visit to Rome at Caesars Palace.
Fremont Street, Venice, Paris, volcano and night lights.
Sheri is mesmerized by the gambling and Nanc goes for the BIG win.
The Bellagio, the most beautiful hotel, with the fountains, flowers and glass by artist Chihuly.

We spent two days at the Blake Ranch RV Park and Horse Motel in Kingman, Arizona where we cleaned the RV inside and out. We used Dri-Wash on the exterior, which was very dirty from two months in the desert and were amazed at the job this waterless wonder did. We bought this product from Smokey Ridgely at the Gypsy Journal rally in Ohio and this is the first time we used it without washing the RV first and we were very happy with the results. Our rig is shining like it just came out of the showroom.

From Kingman we drove across Hoover Dam on the way to Las Vegas. Before crossing, we had to stop at a checkpoint where inspectors looked in the basement and came on board to check us out before allowing us to proceed. Driving the slow curvy road at the dam and seeing it from the motorhome was quite an experience. We are now at Sam's Town RV Park in Las Vegas, Nevada, a new state, where we got together with Mike and Sherri Sharp, old friends from Wash, PA who flew in on Monday for the first leg of a two week Western vacation. It's always great so see our old friends and we had a wonderful time walking through the hotels, people watching, and losing some money (except Mike) in the casinos here in Lost Wages. In just a few hours we traveled to New York, Paris, Rome, Egypt and Venice by just strolling down the famous Strip. We went to Fremont Street in downtown Vegas to watch the sound and light show that is projected on the roof of the covered street. The attractions and lights of this city are spectacular with each new hotel working to out do the competition. We enjoyed the entertainment in the hotels and marveled at the beautiful decor. As we walked through the shopping promenades of the hotels it was like being in the high end shopping districts of Beverly Hills or Palm Beach with, Armani, Dior, Tiffany and Prada, just to name a few. You can really have a great time in Vegas without having to spend mega bucks seeing the top billed shows that come here because there is so much to see and do that doesn't cost a thing and you really don't even have to gamble. This is truly a city that does not sleep and the Strip was packed with people no matter what time of day or night we were there. A fun time was had by all.

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Anonymous said...

We certainly enjoyed meeting the Sharp's in Vegas. We're going to Pennsylvania to visit again soon.

-Whoopie and Hulk