Saturday, May 9, 2009

Skywalk -- Going Over the Edge

Wild horse among the Joshua trees.
Fourteen miles of rough, dusty dirt road.
The Sharps and Tidballs on Eagle Point at Grand Canyon West. Notice who is standing in front.
The Skywalk jetting out over the canyon with the river below.
WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tipi and Hopi Hogan
Navajo Sweat Lodge
Narrow path to Guano Point.
Colorado River from Guano Point.
Grand Canyon View

While Mike and Sherri were here we drove 125 miles to Grand Canyon West in the Hualapai Nation to see the canyon. Along the way we drove through a Joshua tree forest near Dolan Springs where these unusual desert plants, members of the lily family, can grow to 40 feet. In the middle of the forest we came upon a herd of wild horses. It was like something out of an old Western movie with very few people then coming upon these beautiful horses among the trees. The next leg of the trip was also like an old Western as we drove 14 miles of dusty dirty road through the desert before reaching the paved road in the reservation. We arrived at Grand Canyon West where they have constructed the Skywalk, a glass bottom bridge, that projects 70 feet out over the canyon 4000 feet below. Sherri was very reluctant to walk on the bridge over the rim so we only bought three tickets at the welcome center. We all boarded the bus for the short ride to the canyon rim and Skywalk. Before going on the Skywalk, Mike, Nanc and I looked over the edge as Sheri held back trying to decide what to do. Finally, she decided if she was going to get a good view the bridge was the way to go so she bought a ticket. We all donned our cloth booties and ventured over the edge. What a thrill stepping onto the glass and looking down at the floor of the canyon so far below. This stop includes an Indian village showing various homes, from tipis used by nomadic tribes to permanent hogans built by the Navajo and Hopi, as well as, performances of music and dance by the Hualapai. Next we were transported to Guano Point where the panoramic view was equal to anything we had seen at the South Rim. Grand Canyon West is a beautiful and easy drive from Las Vegas and, as Sherri will tell you, well worth the cost of admission.

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