Friday, December 26, 2008

Texas Coastal Bend

Happy Hour Group
The beach on Mustang Island.
Fishing boats in Fulton Harbor.
White Pelican
Christmas Eve gift exchange.
Bad Santa "took" this bottle of wine.
Christmas celebration!!
Lining up for a wonderful meal.

After leaving Betty's, we spent two days at the Palms RV Park near Baytown, Texas. We took a ride into Houston but did not do much else while there. We are now at the Watersedge RV Park in Fulton, Texas and will be here until January 25. The park is located right across a small road from Aransas Bay. Everyone we have met is very friendly. As we were setting up we were invited to happy hour and a fish fry with our new neighbors. The fish were caught by the happy hour group and were excellent. We also attended a covered dish dinner and got to meet more of the residents. Most of the people are snowbirds but a few are fulltimers who winter here. So far, the only down side has been the weather. We have had so many cloudy and foggy days we were beginning to think we were in PA. Even on the days it was in the 70's it was overcast and several nights were in the 40's. We also have had several very windy days. I know this is mild compared to the rest of the country but this is not what we have been searching for and everyone tells us this is not the norm. On one of the nicer days we drove out to Mustang Island where the sand is so compact you can drive on the beach without needing a 4x4. We checked out Corpus Christi and the area around Rockport/Fulton and found there is a lot to do here from fishing and birding to sightseeing. So we hope the weather will get a bit better so we can get out and about. The area reminds us of Hatteras Island with all the water, fishing boats, wind swept oaks and smaller homes along the bay. We have been getting in our daily walks even when it's been cold and we rode our bikes one day in a sprinkle. On Christmas Eve we attended the park's party and "Bad Santa" gift exchange and on Christmas we attended the dinner and had a great time. This is the first time we have spent Christmas without old friends or family and while we miss seeing everyone, we still had a nice relaxing time.

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Grizz48ca said...

Hi guys...

Really enjoyed RVing with you and are missing you here in Bayou country. Weather has been super rainy the past few days.. finally clearing up, just the day before we head out... should see you down the next week.

Gary & Anita