Thursday, December 18, 2008


We have added two maps to the blog that show our 2007 / 2008 travels and the location of all the campgrounds. The sun represents where we are presently. The maps are interactive so you can move them around and if you click on view larger map, it will go to a full page google map. Clicking on a pinpoint will give you the campground name and address as well as other information such as what hook ups are available. FHU is full hookups (water, electric and sewer) and W, E, S is used when full hookups are not offered. Dry indicates a campground with no hookups and boondock means we were not in a campground. We have also given each park a letter grade which reflects our global opinion. A nice place that was expensive would get a lower grade while great location and scenery will trump no hook ups. We try to keep our campground expenses under $20.00 a day. We may add additional info and will have a 2009 map when we move on. You can also use the maps to get directions to the campgrounds.

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